What We Do

Smarter Living Homes designs and builds homes that inspire healthy living, sustainable behaviors, and connectedness. Our modular construction company was created to offer the residential market a commercial-quality home with a people-focused design and green footprint.

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Where We Build

Our steel homes are built and inspected in a climate-controlled facility near Nashville, Tennessee, but our streamlined process allows us the ability to cross county and state lines to deliver high-quality modular homes to most any place our cranes can get to. 

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Why Steel?

The Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge, Burj Khalifa, and many of the other famous structures around the world were built from steel for a reason. Steel provides unparalleled strength and longevity to commercial structures, and now Smarter Living Homes is bringing those same elements to the residential world. Steel homes are non-combustible, low risk and low maintenance. 

Steel also stacks! Like building blocks, our modules are stacked and seamlessly secured onsite. The end result is a home that is as beautiful as it is safe and strong. Our homes have wind ratings of up to 200 mph. No need to Google, we're talking Category 5 winds! 

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