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Smarter Living Homes provides an innovative solution for people who seek simplicity and smarter living that inspires great lifestyles no matter your age, profession, income or disability.  
Smarter Living Homes was inspired by an unsuccessful pursuit of finding a home that is functional, able to withstand extreme weather, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, technologically-advanced, immune to construction delays and simple to buy. Realizing that home didn't exist in the Southeast, Smarter Living Homes was born. 
Our team of modular and commercial construction experts have created a product that surpasses their idea of what a perfect home should be. 
You may be wondering what makes our homes smart. Our response? Everything. 
Smarter Living Homes brings a commercial construction approach to the residential market. Our homes are built on permanent foundations.
We make every effort to protect our Earth and hope to inspire others to join us in our quest. Our R32 insulation value, high-efficiency appliances & plumbing fixtures, double pane windows, and LED lighting minimize energy use and costs. Modest and full solar options are available. Our small, but thoughtfully-designed footprint encourages outdoor living, so it seems like a natural choice to support our environment. 
Our culture utilizes technology in every aspect of life, and we've taken that convenience to the next level. Our smart technology package includes smart video doorbells, a smart television, and lighting controls, as well as wifi-compatible appliances and HVAC systems. Smart upgrades include fully-automated lighting and home audio systems that allow you to control your whole home with your smartphone. 
Speed and simplicity may be our smartest qualities. Our homes are constructed 50% faster than stick-built construction. While a homebuyer or developer is pouring or building the foundation on the job site, the structure of the home is being built in our climate-controlled facility. The structure of the home is built with structural insulated concrete panels, also known as SCIP construction. Once the foundation is ready and the SCIPs  are delivered, our trained team connects them and transforms the structure into a seamless, permanent, beautiful home. The entire process, from selecting finishes to final inspections, is done in 4 months or less. 
Smarter Living Homes' design team carefully chose low-maintenance finishes, so our homebuyers can focus on life, not repairs. We offer a competitive warranty on every square inch of our homes for one year and an extended warranty on our Samsung smart appliances. 
Whether you're a home buyer looking to build your eco-friendly dream home or a developer looking for innovative ways to meet market demands with less risk and time spent on the job site, Smarter Living Homes is your solution. 
Smarter Living Homes is based in Nashville, TN and currently serving the Southeast, but our versatile homes can be built wherever your heart is. 

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