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Joshua Rogers

Vice President of Sales & Finance

Joshua Rogers brings a robust background to all his businesses and projects. The owner of Rogers Mortgage Group, Residential Acquisitions, LLC, and Rogers School of Real Estate, Josh looks for opportunities in many fields and brings them together in exciting ways.   Now partnering with Smarter Living Homes to assist in property development, sales, and finance.  

With the heart of an entrepreneur, artist, scientist, and innovator, Josh leverages his experience in the mortgage and real estate industry, science, and fundraising to do many things.  As a mortgage broker since 2004, he secures financing for individual and commercial property buyers. He’s been a driving force behind multiple large-scale development deals in real estate. In the last 18 months he has developed 2 separate housing projects for a total of 89 units in the Middle Tennessee area.

His start in business came right after college when he built on his highly technical grant-winning DNA research to launch a biological consulting firm where he provided DNA identification testing. He took that company from conception to 18 cities.

Joshua is also the author of multiple books on real estate marketing.

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