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Ready to Live Smarter? Here's What You Need to Know! 


Puzzle House.png

Step 1: Send us your address and we'll make sure a home can built there.

Step 2: We'll conduct a feasibility study and provide a detailed analysis of site costs, utilities, and permitting requirements. A $300 fee is required for this step. 

Step 3: Meet with your Smart Pro Designer to select home & finishes! 

Step 4: $15,000 is due for permitting. You'll be moving into your home in 3 months or less. 

Step 5: It's time to start site work while the home is being built offsite. 30% down is required to begin. 

Step 6: Your home is almost ready. Once the escrow account is funded with the remaining 70% of the purchase price, the home will be delivered to the site. Your home will be move-in ready in three week or less. 

Step 7: Move in and enjoy your Smarter Living Home!

Smart Tip: Don't stress about the payment schedule. Our home is mortgaged like any other new construction home, and your banker will handle the details!

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